Hotel staff talking to just arrived couple of travelers © Pressfoto - FreepikHotel staff talking to just arrived couple of travelers © Pressfoto - Freepik
©Hotel staff talking to just arrived couple of travelers|Pressfoto - Freepik

Planning your break in Hauts-de-France

Where to sleep?

Whether it’s a big gîte for a weekend gathering of family and friends, a romantic hotel for two in town, or a crowdpleasing glamping retreat, the Hauts-de-France region has the accommodation to suit every taste and budget  ̶  all packaged up on our website with little extras to make your stay all the more enjoyable. Of course, the best bit is that these places to stay are all in the nearest French region to the UK, so you can leave home and be enjoying a meal and overnight stay in northern France before you know it. Just a few clicks on our weekend planner and you’re on your way!

What to eat and where to eat it?

From the region’s most celebrated baguettes to prestigious Michelin starred restaurants, we know that the allure of good food is one of the chief reasons people cross the Channel to see us. And you’re in just the right place for that in Hauts-de-France, since gastronomy is so central to our culture and identity. Here are a few tips to help you get started exploring our rich and diverse food scene.

If you’re looking for the perfect place to eat, take a look at restaurants that are part of the Du Potager à la Table partnership  ̶  and let the fact that this translates as ‘From the veggie garden to the table’ give you some indication of the restaurants’ commitment to use seasonal and local produce! Those who are after a warm ‘Bistro’ atmosphere need look no further than specially selected restaurants on the Bistrot de Pays list.

A great way to prolong your holiday ̶ on your palate at least ̶ is to stow away and take back home some of the goodies you find on your travels, and Hauts-de-France’s local specialties will make you want to do just that. Simply look out for two food quality labels: Saveur en Or and Terroirs Hauts-de-France to guide you.

What to see and do?

With walks, museums and food finds on tap  ̶  and with every activity under the sun from fun stuff to sports you’ve probably never even heard of, there’s a new perspective in every corner of Hauts-de-France all year round, be that on the coast, deep in the countryside, or in its buzzing big towns and cities.

Practical information to help you plan your trip to Hauts-de-France