Northern France _ Amiens _ Les Hortillonnages _ Garden © CRTC Hauts-de-France - Teddy HeninNorthern France _ Amiens _ Les Hortillonnages _ Garden © CRTC Hauts-de-France - Teddy Henin
©Northern France, Amiens, Les Hortillonnages, Garden |Hauts-de-France Tourisme / Teddy Henin

At ease with yourself, with others, with the planet

For a very long time in our western societies, we have considered the mind and the body to be completely separate entities, considering the intellect to be the superior of the two as inspired by the Age of Enlightenment. Our voyages to far off countries have allowed the East to influence our lifestyles and thinking, resulting in the emergence of alternative practices that reconnect the mind and the body to find a sense of balance leading towards our “well-being”. Expert-practitioners assist us in this process to release the stress of daily life. Learn to breathe, to focus, to let yourself go in these magical places! There are offers adapted to your requirements in the Hauts-de-France region, your well-being destination!

Focus on yourself!

Are you lacking in self-confidence? Are you overwhelmed by everyday stress? Are you horrified by the ever-growing list of things you have to do? Do you have the impression that you are no longer in charge, that you are being pulled in every direction? Then it’s time to focus on you so you can move ahead confidently. Listen to your body! Three quite different but well-established methods can help you beat the impression that you no longer belong to yourself: yoga, horse coaching, and immersion in silence.

Pamper yourself

What can be nicer after a full week of work, when time seemed out of your control, when you hardly knew where to start with the relentless stream of demands, than to make time to pamper yourself! It is even better when you choose a sublime location to do so whether for a weekend in a charming hotel or in an exceptional hammam!

Well-being spots to recharge your batteries