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In active mode : get moving

If you can’t imagine a weekend away or a holiday without your dose of sporting activity, be it gentle or more dynamic, there are plenty of ways to stay active in Hauts-de-France. Between walking, cycling, running – including on hundreds of miles of trails – horse-riding or even practising your swing on one of our 42 golf courses, you’re spoilt for choice!

Walk, cycle, run

With hundreds of miles of hiking and cycling trails, 300 ‘black mountains’ (our famous slag heaps!), 100,000 hectares of forests and 124 miles of coastline, Hauts-de-France is a haven of nature for those who love healthy physical activity. As someone who loves walking or running in lovely landscapes, discovering plants and animal life or trying out ‘longe-côte’ (coastal walking), you’ll discover the benefits of putting your body in motion while sharing good times with your loved ones. Relaxation and wellbeing are guaranteed.


The Hauts-de-France region, rich in forests and sunken country lanes, is an ideal destination for horse-riding. At a walk, at a trot, at canter or at a gallop, this is a moment of communion between rider, horse and landscape. Good news: a small horse bred in the Somme Bay – the Henson – makes this happiness accessible even to non-riders. And then there’s the famous horse city of Chantilly.


Hauts-de-France offers 50 golf courses spread over the entire region. Immersed in full nature, set at the seaside or located close to large cities such as Lille, Arras or Compiègne, they offer you a chance to combine your sporting passion with cultural discovery. To do this, we recommend the Hauts-de-France Golf Pass, offering advantageous rates at 22 golf courses all year round. Explore the different courses (everyone will find what they are looking for, even beginners) and come and relax by the sea or at the edge of a forest. It swings in Hauts-de-France!

Get Moving in Hauts-de-France