Northern France _ Chantilly_ La Table du Connétable Restaurant @La Table du ConnétableNorthern France _ Chantilly_ La Table du Connétable Restaurant @La Table du Connétable
©Northern France, Chantilly, La Table Du Connétable Restaurant|La Table du Connétable

Gourmet discoveries

A gift basket from Hauts de France will titillate your palate and inspire new and delicious recipes. So, go and sample them in the warm and friendly restaurants where our chefs make the most of them, spreading the culture of our region. When the produce comes together in a blend of land and sea, you can expect variety, character, and taste in your plates. Friends of Hauts-de-France fine cuisine, take a seat!

Breaking news!
The delights of Hauts-de-France gastronomy will be celebrated beyond national borders in 2023 with the region being awarded the title of “European Region of Gastronomy

Culinary delights made in Hauts-de-France

In the homeland of taste, your tastebuds make merry! Words are not enough to express the culinary delights in Hauts-de-France. Better to taste them, chosen from places where you’re most likely to enjoy them. But, frankly, what exactly do you enjoy? You may be an epicurean, a gourmet, for you fine cuisine is convivial, a unifying force bringing people together. Whether you’re a trendy type, a traditionalist, an explorer, an artist or a dabbler, for you a good meal is one that is shared. Our chefs are busy creating their sensory cultural tour. Everyone has their own vision of it … Enjoy!

Taste our local produce

In the marketplace, apples, pears, leeks, carrots, cauliflowers, beetroot, and endives adorn the stalls besides the farmer, the dairywoman, and the fishmonger who are happy to share the secrets of their recipes. Once your basket is full, your food is looking tasty, fresh, healthy, and seasonal. If you’re running out of time, you can place your order with many of the Hauts-de-France producers to make your life easier and ensure you get great taste from our region. Did you know that eating local food is not only better for your health but also better for the planet?

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Epicurean spots in Hauts-de-France