Northern France _ Plailly_Parc Asterix_ theme park france © CRTC Hauts-de-France - Nicolas BryantNorthern France _ Plailly_Parc Asterix_ theme park france © CRTC Hauts-de-France - Nicolas Bryant
©Northern France, Plailly, Parc Asterix, theme park france |Hauts-de-France Tourisme - Nicolas Bryant

With the kids

Families – we love you here in Hauts-de-France! The youngest region of France has many strings to its bow when it comes to entertaining and developing the bodies and minds of young ones. You can choose from a vast array of activities based on how you feel – choose something gentle and relaxed, something rejuvenating or something fun. The only thing that really matters is creating great memories that your family can cherish.

Having fun together

There is something for all ages, from lively escapades on endless beaches to a memorable ride on the back of a dragon or adventures high in the treetops on monkey bridges. Or you could visit a farm full of animals, put your head in the stars or visit the Asterix park. From toddlers to teenagers, this region has a thousand and one ways to help you enjoy sweet moments, sporty challenges and fits of laughter. Make your dreams come true!


Learning made fun

Learning is easier when you’re having fun – the kids love it and so do parents. As we know, we never stop learning – regardless of our age. Take your curious little ones – even babies – to discover the Louvre-Lens museum, to be amazed at the giant Nausicàa aquarium, to watch the birds in Parc du Marquenterre or to explore Château de Condé. Make the most of these opportunities to learn in a fun environment – share and grow together.


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