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Hit France’s Opal Coast on England’s doorstep for a high-on fun, low-on-miles family holiday

Consider through a child’s eyes what it’s like to experience France for the first time. For them, every last detail is off-the scale exciting, from the cross-channel crossing and sound of a new language, to the cars on the ‘wrong’ side of the road and foods they’ve never seen the likes of before.

If you can’t think of anything more satisfying to see, it’s good to know that the stretch of French coast that’s closest to home – the Opal Coast – boasts all of these fresh experiences, plus some of the country’s most spectacular, family-friendly sandy beaches, all within a 30-minute drive of Calais. It’s the great European adventure – minus the hassle, expense, and cooped-up kids of a long drive!
From adrenaline-inducing fun to gentle, wholesome adventures, we’ve cherry picked all the Opal Coast’s best bits for families and used them to create this suggested 5-day break complete with some recommended top-quality places to stay.

On board with the idea of living in the present moment and making family memories to last? Look no further than the Opal Coast on Kent’s doorstep!

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