Wimereux_Golf_Côte_D'_Opale © CRT_Hauts_De_France_Anne_Sophie_FlamentWimereux, golf entre amis en bord de mer
©Wimereux, golf entre amis en bord de mer |CRT Hauts-de-France - Anne-Sophie Flament

Golf: a sport for communing with nature and achieving a zen state of mind

Golf is about more than perfecting your swing and scoring birdies. It’s a chance to unwind and enjoy a change of scenery in the heart of natural spaces designed to please the eye. Work on your best shot in peace and at your own pace, with escapades into local culture in-between rounds.

Want to give it a try? With its large unspoiled spaces on the coast, in the countryside or near big cities, Hauts-de-France is the ideal playground, with 42 golf clubs. Get started and discover the greens with the pass Hauts de France Golf  , which also covers your companions. Plan your Route des Golfs now!

Northern France _ Cerny En Laonnois _ Golf De L'ailette © Crt Hauts De France Guillaume CrochezNorthern France _ Cerny En Laonnois _ Golf De L'ailette © Crt Hauts De France Guillaume Crochez
©Northern France, Cerny En Laonnois, Golf De L'ailette |CRTC Hauts-de-France - Guillaume Crochez

The Golf de Rebetz: combining sport with a total change of scenery

You’ll be charmed by the Rebetz golf course in Picardy Vexin, less than an hour from Paris, with its 12th-century castle, old farmhouse, and soothing greenery including more than 15,000 trees stretching as far as the eye can see. Picture yourself discovering this beautiful park in one of the small buggies that roam the greens. No special clothing or shoes are needed: just trousers, a top with a collar if possible, and a pair of trainers. Equipment is provided for those who don’t bring their own clubs and there are lessons for beginners –who are very welcome. For more experienced players, this 18-hole golf course, which ranks among the very best in France, offers courses for different levels. A course lasts an average of four hours, during which you’ll walk about 10km. This is a vast site where you’ll always feel far from the madding crowds!

65 hectares of inviting green, with children welcome

There are no entry regulations here: anyone can come and learn to play, including children. This is a straightforward but challenging course, with a wide fairway and extremely smooth greens. This is why it ranks among France’s best golf courses and is one of the European stages of the Alps Tour attracting the golfing elite from around the world every year.

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