Saint-Valery-sur-Somme_Spa Be Baie © CRTC Hauts-de-France - Teddy HeninSaint-Valery-sur-Somme_Spa Be Baie © CRTC Hauts-de-France - Teddy Henin
©Saint-Valery-sur-Somme, Spa Be Baie|Hauts-de-France Tourisme / Teddy Henin

Unwind in fabulous locations!

Would you prefer a spa in an exceptional environment, a museum-hotel, steeped in history, or looking out onto a breath-taking view of nature? In Lille, Valenciennes, or Somme Bay, whatever you choose, your retreat will be perfect, and you can let go completely, soothed by the beauty of your surroundings. Should you prefer an oriental theme, you will be amazed at the elegance of the hammam in the heart of Lille.

Northern France _ Valenciennes_Spa Royal Hainaut © Royal Hainaut - Christophe BielsaNorthern France _ Valenciennes_Spa Royal Hainaut © Royal Hainaut - Christophe Bielsa
©Northern France, Valenciennes, Spa Royal Hainaut |Royal Hainaut - Christophe Bielsa

01. Les Cent Ciels

A journey to the Orient

This is a veritable oriental palace right in the centre of Lille, where you can escape from the hustle and bustle of the city and unwind, in luxurious surroundings, sensual perfumes, and intense colours!

Discover the appeal of the oriental way of life in an attractive decor: traditional tadelakt walls, ceilings decorated with many-facetted chandeliers, carpets laid on hand-made mosaic flooring, and, of course, enchanting perfumes … Your first experience will cause you to see correlations between the care you receive, the sounds you hear, the decor you admire. The flavours you taste and the perfumes you breathe will also heighten your



02. Royal Hainaut Spa



A royally relaxing break!

Care for a rejuvenating experience in a sophisticated, museum-style setting? Then head for the Royal Hainaut spa in the centre of Valenciennes. There is an impressive, paved courtyard and a majestic facade that extends to the entrance of this magnificently renovated former hospital. It’s a royal experience and it’s all for you!

Enter the well-being areas and fall under the spell. The turquoise swimming pool in the spa lying between the blue stone arches is just waiting for you. Drawn by the steam from the star-studded hammam?

Relax and let yourself go completely in this unforgettable experience!

03. Be Baie spa

A spa with a view over Somme Bay

Associating the contemplation of a stunning view over the Bay of Somme (one of the world’s loveliest bays) and the benefits of a spa, reconnection with nature and body awareness … The idea originated in Valery-sur-Somme where the Somme river meets the sea. In the Hôtel des Corderies, built on former fishermen’s gardens, in the Corderies quarter close to the original seamen’s quarter, snuggles the spa. A true paradise where you mind can wander between the rhythm of the tides, the moments of silence, and the changing colours of the Somme Bay. You are serene, refreshed, and instilled with a feeling of total well-being!



04. Le spa by Hermitage Gantois

Reconnect in a place steeped in history

Behind a magnificent Flemish Gothic facade in Lille hides a most unusual museum hotel. It was originally a hospice in the Middle Ages, and there is a subtle harmony between the history of the place and the contemporary architectural open spaces.

You are bathed in light from the conservatory the moment you set foot here, contrasting with the dimmer atmosphere of the classic 18th century chapel. You’re starting to relax already!

Once you cross the pool of light around the bar, you arrive for your relaxation break at the “Spa by Hermitage Gantois”, nestling in an extension to this splendid 16th century building. As you head there, note the wisteria that is several centuries old, running along the door to the medieval garden! Your journey begins when you reach the spa area! You hear oriental style music, you walk into a relaxing atmosphere, and you are ready to take it easy in the heated spa. While you’re there, visit the hammam and end your relaxing break in the pool to make the most of this exceptional experience.