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Sand-yachting in the bay of Somme

Go at your own pace (50 km p/h for speed demons!)

At the farthest end of Fort-Mahon’s dunes lies the entrance to one of the most beautiful bays in the world: the bay of Somme. And what better way to explore its beauty than up close and personal with its glorious sand. With nothing to propel you but the fresh sea air, climb aboard your land yacht and relish the feeling of the crisp wind as it rushes through your hair. A thrill that even the most unsporty can enjoy. And it’s all just a short hop away.

Northern France _ Fort-Mahon _ sand-yachting © Crtc Hauts De France Nicolas BryantNorthern France _ Fort-Mahon _ sand-yachting© Crtc Hauts De France Nicolas Bryant
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Sand-yachting in the Somme bay  ̶  25 km of pure freedom

A wide-open beach caressed by the foamy sea and with an unbroken stretch of sand that goes as far as the eye can see: 15.5 miles to be exact! It was here, on the vast shores of northern France in the early 20th century, that land sailing was born. And it’s no surprise really. At low tide, when the Channel retreats between Le Crotoy and Fort Mahon, a magnificent beach (almost) as flat as a crêpe is revealed.

A sight completed by a lovely westerly breeze, warm sunshine and a horizon that stays tantalising out of reach no matter how quickly the wheels turn…

Pure exhilaration

Under the watchful eye of an instructor and without a single obstacle in view, get comfy in the low-ride seat of your stable, three-wheeled yacht and satisfy your need for speed. And with these training yachts capable of reaching up to 30 mph, you certainly won’t be disappointed! This means you’ll need to dress appropriately with the head-to-toe waterproof clothing provided (handy when you go full throttle through the water ‘pools’); just bring your own sunglasses and gloves. First, the ever-impatient instructor will teach you how to rig the yacht and master the paddle. Then, with hands firmly on the sheet, let the breeze whisk you away to the farthest reaches of the beach. As free as the wind and with all your fears forgotten, this is what they call ‘the thrill of the ride’.

Local's tip

Denise Paes CosmeDenise Paes Cosme
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A drink with friends (and a magnificent view of the bay)


Head to the Buvette de la Plage, a small restaurant on the Saint-Valery-sur-Somme beach. After a walk along the docks or on the way back from a stroll through the streets of the medieval town, enjoy a break with friends on the terrace and admire the stunning view over the bay. As the sun goes down, evening drinks take on a whole new dimension.

Denise PAES-COSME, Expert in outdoor activities in the bay of Somme

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