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Cheers to Friendship: The 8 Best Breweries to Visit with your Friends in Hauts-de-France

An original and convivial experience based on regional know-how

What better way to represent the generosity and friendliness of the people from the North of France than a moment of sharing with friends over a tasty craft beer? If you are a beer enthusiast and looking for a unique experience to share with your buddies, look no further. Blonde or amber, fruity or bitter, with or without alcohol, this iconic beverage from our region will please everyone!


As France’s second-largest brewing region, this land of brewers brings joy to both seasoned beer enthusiasts and curious beer lovers eager to learn more about the making of this emblematic drink. Because yes, behind its bubbles and legendary foam lies a thousand-year-old know-how and passionate craftsmen and craftswomen eager to share their brewing techniques with you.


Throughout the Hauts-de-France region, but still easily accessible from Lille, you will have the opportunity to discover the specialties and unique character of each brewery, from small family businesses to internationally renowned giants. A visit that will, of course, culminate in the long-awaited tasting… Immerse yourself in the fascinating world of beer brewing, with the added bonus of our conviviality! So here are our recommendations for the 8 breweries to explore for your next trips to the region and to create unforgettable moments with friends.


Alcohol abuse is dangerous for health. Consume with moderation.

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The Microbrewery Célestin

A Family Affair!

In a cozy setting in the heart of Old Lille, come and discover the charming eco-friendly Brasserie Célestion (microbrewery Célestin). Here, beer is a family affair! In fact, ‘Célestin’ is the name of the owner’s ancestor who was already brewing beer in the 18th century. So yes, we can say that the passion for this hoppy beverage runs in their blood!

Being part of the 9th generation of brewers, the owners pay special attention to the origin of the products, the use of local suppliers, and supporting the local community whenever possible.

During your visit to the brewery, you will be guided by one of the brewers who will show you the different facilities of a microbrewery and explain the beer-making process. Of course, your visit will conclude with a tasting of 3 beers from the range brewed on-site! If you fel like it, after your visit you should do some shopping on the cobbledstones of the alleys of the Old Lille where all the trendy boutiques are !


The Goudale Brewery

The regional institution that delights beer enthusiasts all over the world



Located near Saint-Omer and exported all over the globe, the Brasserie Goudale (Goudale Brewery) is a regional institution producing 1,900,000 hectoliters of beer each year. Since 1919, and after several mergers with other breweries, this iconic brewery of the region officially emerged in 2016. It has successfully kept up with the times while preserving the ancestral recipes and craftsmanship of past generations of local brewers.

Its state-of-the-art manufacturing site opens its doors to reveal all its secrets. After watching a film about the brewery’s activities, you will have the chance to explore the brewing and filtration rooms with a guide and even witness the beer packaging process. After the tour, you will be invited to the brewery’s bar to taste some of the legendary Goudale beers. Don’t forget to visit the shopping corner, so you won’t leave empty-handed. Blondes, browns, ambers… the choice is yours !


The Somme Brewery

3 friends sharing their passion

In the heart of the Somme (between Amiens and the Somme Bay) our three friends, Mathilde, Manu, and Johann, decided to create their brewery. United by a common passion, they aim to promote artisanal craftsmanship through their beers, provide a friendly space for exchanges and gatherings, and support the concept of local sourcing.

Located within an 18th-century farmhouse, take a 2-hour tour of La Brasserie de la Somme (the Somme brewery) to learn about each step of the beer-making process – from recipe development to bottling. Of course, your visit will end with a tasting at the estate’s bar. Make sure to explore the shop and take home local delicacies like honey, Picardie-style chips, syrups, lemonades, and other delightful treats to share!

If the visit sparks your desire to be a brewer for a day, La Brasserie de la Somme also offers brewing workshops where you and your friends can create your own beer recipe. Get hands-on to leave with 60 bottles of 33cl each of your personalized brew!



The Castelain Brewery

The responsible brewers

For the Brasserie Castelain (Castelain Brewery), beer brewing is an art deeply rooted in family heritage. Located nearby Lens since 1926, they have been dedicated to offering you tastings of delicious beers crafted with utmost respect for the traditions of Northern beers. Always brewed in the old-fashioned way, following a rare method called ‘infusion,’ which preserves the intensity and authenticity of their flavors, the brewers have passed down the tradition from generation to generation. Renowned for their Ch’ti beer (1979), they became pioneers in the 1980s by creating France’s first organic beer: Jade. Real trailblazers in their field!

The brewery has established an eco-museum to share its know-how. By visiting this museum, you can take a leap back in time and discover antique equipment, such as the old brewing room, the history of the brewery’s advertising, and the brewing heritage of the region! After this unique tour, you can indulge in tasting some of their beers and engage in discussions with brewing experts. Don’t hesitate to ask them for advice before heading to the adjoining shop to stock up on beers and local productsto bring back home.


The Cambier Brewery

The 4 elements which make an exceptional beer

Water, earth, fire, and air are essential in the beer-making process. And the Brasserie Cambier(Cambier Brewery) understands this well, which is why we find all of them in their logo.

Just a few minutes from Lille, you’ll find this urban brewery that aims to bring back the production of craft beer as close to the consumers as possible. Blending tradition and innovation to offer a wide range of beers, the Cambier Brewery has become a must-visit destination in the Lille metropolis, inviting consumers to discover the flavors of today’s and yesterday’s brewing.

During your visit, take part in an interactive tour with a maximum group size of 12 people and uncover all the secrets of beer production. For 1.5 hours, a passionate guide will lead you through the brewing area where you’ll encounter the four elements: water and fire during brewing, earth when you smell and taste the raw materials (malt and hops), and air as you pass above the fermentation tanks on a walkway designed to give you a unique experience. You can also delve into beer tasting, ranging from classics to original creations, in a friendly and welcoming space


The Chromatic Microbrewery

Discovering a multicoloured palette of flavours

Everyone has their own definition of what a ‘good beer’ is. But at Brasserie Chromatique (Chromatic Brewery), located less than 15 minutes by car from Boulogne-sur-Mer, every member of your group of friends will find their happiness around a craft beer!

Ideas flow freely in this brewery, allowing them to regularly develop ephemeral recipes exploring beer styles from all over the world!

With the goal of modernizing the brewing world, the brewers aim to share their know-how and exchange ideas with other enthusiasts. They focus on innovation in beer production (mixed fermentation, sour, NEIPA, gose…) and strive to make their process as environmentally friendly as possible.

Join guided tours of the brewery followed by the eagerly anticipated tasting session! The one-hour tour will consist of three stages:

  • Insights into beer, its origins, and its history;
  • A tour of the production area;
  • Finally, a tasting of 4 beers of your choice in the tap room, right next to the tanks, where you can directly interact with the artisans.

You’re in for a colorful brew ! 


The 3 Wolves Brewery

Tales and legends from the Brasserie des 3 Loups

Established since 2009 in the heart of the Marne Valley, in the southern part of Aisne, La Brasserie Les 3 Loups (the 3 Wolfs Brewery) leverages its expertise to brew authentic beers inspired by Belgian traditions. Over the years, their range has expanded to include more original recipes that are now a source of pride for the brewery.

Drawing inspiration from the legends and traditions that characterize the region, the brewery takes great care to pay homage to the local people through its beers.

A brewery tour is offered to discover the history of beer and its brewing process. You might even have the chance to hear your guide narrate the legend of the first inhabitants of the village, 3 wolfs, which gave its name to the brewery. The tour culminates in a tasting of the famous brew in the estate’s cellar.

Why not take the opportunity to visit one of the many vineyards near the brewery and have a champagne tasting to explore the rich gastronomic heritage of the Aisne department? A flavorsome trip among friends awaits!


The Brewery of the Flemish Country

The best beer in the world comes from Le Pays Flamand !

The Best Beer in the World? It’s brewed in Hauts-de-France.

Brasserie du Pays Flamand (The Brewery of the Flemish Country) is no stranger to high-level accolades. In 2022, their Anosteké Blonde beer brewed in our region won the World Beer Cup for Best Strong Ale!

To uncover all the secrets of this iconic beer, there’s only one solution: a visit to the brewery where it’s crafted. You’ll be guided by Théo, a passionate and qualified expert in the field, for 1.5 hours to explore the brewery’s history, witness the beer-making process, and taste some high-quality hoppy beverages. Their unique offering? A beer aged in a barrel (similar to wine), which gives it an original flavor.

After your tour, book a table at the estaminet, a typical Flemish tavern, attached to the brewery. Experience the flavors of traditional and gourmet Flemish cuisine in a warm and friendly atmosphere that embodies the spirit of the Northern people!

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