Cassel _ Panorama Vue © Destination Cœur de FlandreCassel _ Panorama Vue © Destination Cœur de Flandre
©Cassel, Panorama Vue |Destination Cœur de Flandre

The explorer’s table

As an expert in fine food, you prefer it intense. You are an explorer, a fan of world food, of redesigned cuisine, because being surprised by new flavours gives you the feeling that you are progressing in your culinary ideals and testing yourself and your tastes. “To eat is to taste the world” is what the dish with unexpected flavours and colours evokes for you. So, go and taste them in the estaminets, country bistros, restaurants and modernised transport cafés … of our region!

Northern France _ Cassel_L'estaminet T'Kasteelhof © Destination Coeur de Flandree FlandreNorthern France _ Cassel_L'estaminet T'Kasteelhof © Destination Coeur de Flandre
©Northern France, Cassel, L'estaminet T'Kasteelhof|Destination Cœur de Flandre

Get a slice of Flanders in an Estaminet

Walking into an estaminet is like entering an old-fashioned traditional café and finding the warm and friendly atmosphere of Flemish culture.

Here, conversations are heard in a festive hullabaloo, everyone has their point of view, there’s chatting and a lot of laughter. All of this against a backdrop that is oh so Flemish, overly decorated and warm, where the food is authentic and copious. Feast your taste buds and your eyes on that of the ‘T Kasteel Hof at top of Mont Cassel, our local “Everest”, at the foot of the windmill.

It’s worth it for the view as much as for the regional culinary marvels including our famous, fragrant carbonnade (Flemish beef stew), savoury and slightly sweet.

And before you leave, you should know that there is an adjoining shop where you can buy excellent local products.

A feast for your tastebuds in the countryside

At the Auberge du Vert Mont in Boeschepe, Florent Ladeyn, head chef and magician, has his own special version of the carbonnade and serves it in his authentic Flemish restaurant.

In another lush green setting, between the river and the forest, stop and inhale fragrances from another world prepared by the chef Yves Méjean in his restaurant Le t’Aim hôtel in Margny Lès Compiègne. The picture is complete when you have your plate in front of you, facing the huge bay windows, with the view plunging over the river Oise.

As you like atmospheres, try a transport café that has been converted into a country bistro; the food is hearty, copious, and not particularly expensive. The Café du Port in Morlincourt, between Noyon and Chauny, is convivial and much in demand.


The taste of the sea with a view

Get a change of atmosphere by heading for the sea air in one of the ports where you can buy your fish at the fish market. Eat it fresh off the boat in the “Fleur de Sel”, a treasure with a panoramic view of the harbour in Boulogne-sur-Mer. It’s an all-round experience!

Crabs, prawns and various other seafoods blend into the delicious recipes created by the chef, awakening all your senses.

Local’s tip

alain bahuchetattelage alain bahuchet, gremevillers, oise
©attelage alain bahuchet, gremevillers, oise
The best farm-produced Maroilles cheese you’ve ever tasted

It’s only natural to want to take home some of the goodies you taste in France and you’ll feel compelled to do exactly that when you visit Claire Halleux at Ferme de la Fontaine Orion in Haution. Her Maroilles cheese is the best I’ve ever tasted (and believe me, I’ve tasted a few!). Hang around to find out about the production process too. Another pin to drop on your map is ‘Ferme de la Chapelle Jérôme’, in Nouvion en Thiérache. Nestling in beautiful, wooded countryside, it’s a classic Thiérache farm, and they produce the famous ‘Folie Douce’ apéritif using homegrown strawberries, raspberries, redcurrants, blackcurrants, blackberries and rhubarb. While you’re out and about, look out for churches with arrow slits, watch turrets or round-towers; the Thiérache area is famous for its unusual fortified churches.

Alain Bahuchet, connoisseur of regional dishes, local produce and foodie stores

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