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The traditionalist’s table

You’re attached to your customs and habits and have your favourite restaurants. You look forward to eating and tend to stick to what you know, high quality comfort food. Your choices are never very risky except if a traditional French recipe is outstandingly interpreted by a famous chef. The food you serve at home is convivial, joyful and you revel in spending happy moments with your family, your friends and work associates. You will never forget the chic and gastronomical restaurants you visit here in Hauts-de-France.

Northern France _ Amiens _ Brasserie Jules © Brasserie JulesNorthern France _ Amiens _ Brasserie Jules © Brasserie Jules
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Brasserie André

You’re the kind of customer who frequents the legendary bling-bling Brasserie André where the wooden moulding, stucco, mirrors and flashy brass coat hooks give the place a decidedly Parisian look. Swept in by the oh so chic and pleasant waiters who blend in perfectly with the Art Deco style of this veritable institution in Lille, you sink into the comfort of the moleskin seating to enjoy the classic house specialities: Welsh rarebit, prawn croquettes, French toast with caramel ice-cream, tarte Tatin …

As we say in France, the Crème de la Crème!

And if you want a taste of the high life, why not try the remarkable setting that is the Château de Chantilly? In the Michelin-starred Table du Connétable, an ultra-classy bistro that looks out over magnificent gardens and flowerbeds, the young and brilliant Chef Anthony Denon will captivate you with his contemporary, refreshing, and innovative cooking in perfect harmony with this excellent location.

Age-old traditions and savoir faire

The more urban bistro, Chez Jules, in Amiens will tickle your tastebuds a little differently. The chef serves extremely fresh multi-shellfish seafood platters that bring a breath of sea air into town.

Contentment can be found in the courtyard of a beautiful 16th century brick building, for there sits the Barbue d’Anvers, a high-class estaminet (traditional Flemish restaurant) that wraps you in a warm and friendly atmosphere, radiating the very soul of the North. Characteristic dishes brimming with character such as their carbonnade, local baked beans, potjevleesch with stout jelly, cod brandade with grey shrimps … are served copiously and are accompanied by frothy beers of a variety of flavours – because, here, you are also in beer country.

Local’s tip

Monia BoscoMonia Bosco
©Monia Bosco
The Amiens bar inspired by Gustave Eiffel

For somewhere both characterful and welcoming to stop for a drink in Amiens, head to the Marott’Street bar just a few streets away from the cathedral. With its metallic beams, it’s reminiscent of the Eiffel Tower and also has a glass roof, mosaics and wood panelling. Pair your drink with a platter of cheeses or charcuterie.

Monia Bosco, expert on all things Amiens

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