Brissay-Choigny_Eglise_sur_la_Voie_Verte © Teddy Henin - Agence Aisne TourismeBrissay-Choigny, l'église sur la Voie Verte
©Brissay-Choigny, l'église sur la Voie Verte|Teddy Henin - Agence Aisne Tourisme

Cycling the Scandibérique route

A fun, foodie experience on the Eurovelo 3 France

A sociable adventure to share among friends on part of France’s longest cycling route –something to make you look and feel very sporty!

The route is also a foodie adventure for the tastebuds and the eyes. Whether you do it for a day or a week, this voie verte or greenway is full of great places mixing a rich heritage with the flavourful bounty of the local terroir. This inviting route is an integral part of the Hauts-de-France landscape, a place where fresh air, history and delicious food are the watchwords.

Saddle up!

This Scandibérique is the French part of the Eurovélo 3 route that stretches for 1700km be-tween Scandinavia and France. It begins at the edge of the Parc Naturel Régional de l’Avesnois, on the Belgian border and crosses Hauts-de-France before continuing to Paris and then snaking south-west across France to the Spanish border. It’s quite surprising to discover such unspoilt countryside just an hour from the busy city of Lille.

At the start of the voie verte, the eco-cycling inn at the former railway station in Ferrière-la-Grande is a well-equipped welcome centre where you’ll receive all you need in the way of ad-vice. As you head through the heart of he Parc Naturel Régional de l’Avesnois towards ValJoly, the route is dotted by historic surprises. ValJoly itself is an oasis of relaxation where you and your crew will find an array of activities. Lovers of local beer will also be glad of the many tasting opportunities in the region – so many, they’re impossible to miss!

Unforgettable Moments in Great Company

The adventure continues along the calm routes that follow the trail of the architectural treasures of the fortified churches of Thiérache, a gentle rural region split between France and Belgium. This is a place to whet your appetite with local cider and Maroilles cheese; don’t miss a foodie stop-off in La Halle estaminet (café-bistro) in Marly-Gomont.

The voie verte continues into the historic town of Guise, known for its Familistère. This palace is a town within a town built by the French industrialist, writer, political theorist and social innovator Jean-Baptiste André Godin for his utopian cooperative community and the wellbe-ing of his employees. It’s now a museum.

Discover fortified castles, cathedrals, forests and foodie stops

Cycling along the canal that runs alongside the Oise, you’ll spot, in the distance, Noyon, famed for its Gothic cathedral and canonical district.

The next stage is Compiègne with its imperial château and its historic centre. Want to feel more grounded? – hug a few trees. Love local produce? – head for the Brasserie Saint-Médard.

The magic continues in Halatte forest and in Senlis, courted by kings, praised by writers and a favourite spot with film directors for its timbered houses, Gallo-Roman amphitheatres and walls, cathedral, royal castle and private mansions, all of which make it the perfect place to amble around.

The journey continues into the Forêt d’Ermenonville with its pine trees and its heather, locat-ed north of Paris and close to the A1 motorway. At the edge of the forest, make a cultural stop-off at the Abbaye Royale de Chaalis, in Ermenonville and in the Parc Jean-Jacques Rousseau.

Local's tip

Lise PolletLise Pollet
©Lise Pollet
A lovely experience with friends

My partner and I suggested the Scandibérique to our best friends for a cycling week. We all rented some mountain bikes and went off discovering the region’s fantastic landscapes and wonderful French cuisine. It was great way of spending time together!

Lise, lover of nature and of spending time with friends

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