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The Paris 2024 Olympic Games: a sporty and festive celebration in Hauts-de-France

France is gearing up to host the 33rd edition of the Olympic Games, and the Hauts-de-France region (north of Paris) is getting ready to pulsate at the bounce of basketball and handball. With its spirit of openness and friendliness, the region is eager to welcome fans from around the world to celebrate.
Lille, the capital of Hauts-de-France, takes pride in hosting basketball and handball fixtures at the Pierre-Mauroy Stadium in Villeneuve d’Ascq from 27th July to 11th August 2024. It will be the perfect opportunity to soak in the electric atmosphere of the matches while discovering the wonders of the region in between games.
In total 36 men’s and women’s basketball pool matches, along with 16 handball knock-out phase fixtures, will take place at the Pierre-Mauroy Stadium during the Olympics.

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The Olympics Games in Lille : the place to be

In addition to the matches, Lille offers numerous opportunities to discover its cultural richness. Located at the crossroads of the United Kingdom, Belgium, Luxembourg, and the Netherlands, the city is open to Europe and the World and is often considered one of the friendliest cities in France. Stroll through the picturesque streets of the old town, savor local culinary delights, or visit the First World War commemorative sites for a moving experience.

Paris 2024 Olympics fixtures in Lille

16 Handball games from 6th to 11th August at Pierre Mauroy Stadium in Lille: knock out phases for Men and Women from Quarter finals to finals.

Complete schedule here:


Hauts-de-France's must-sees

Your stay in France during the Paris 2024 Olympic Games might be a chance to explore new places and immerse yourself in local culture in between Olympic fixtures. Northern France has plenty to offer within easy reach from the host cities of Paris and Lille.
You’ll see that there’s a lot more we share that our love for sport. Our love for good food is certainly another common point. Whet your appetite with a little foretaste of Hauts-de-France’s convivial and diverse food and drink culture.
There’s also a whole chapter of our past that we share. Many WW1 battles happened in our region. Let us guide you through some of the humbling remembrance sites paying tribute to the fallen soldiers from all around the world. A poignant reminder of the importance to build peace and strive for International brotherhood.

Hauts-de-France's beer culture

Calling for all international fans heading to Lille for the Paris 2024 Olympics ! Beyond the thrilling handball and Basketball matches, Lille and Hauts-de-France region have a strong and vibrant beer scene that promises to add an extra kick to your sport adventure. Much like our English and Belgian friends and neighbours, here in Hauts-de-France, we have a rich beer history. Hauts-de-France boasts over 60 breweries including the famous Brasserie Saint-Germain, Goudale and Castelain. More recently, there’s been a growing trend of microbreweries opening such as Brasserie Tandem or brasserie du Pays Flamand with their famous Anostéké (awarded World best Pale at the World Beer Awards 2021).
Hauts-de-France beer scene is sure to complement the excitement of the Olympics. So, grab a pint in one of the lively pubs of Lille, embrace the camaraderie, and may your adventure in Lille be a truly unforgettable one.

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