Calais_Dragon © Fred Collier - Ville de Calais(7)Calais_Dragon © Fred Collier - Ville de Calais(7)
©Calais, Dragon|Fred Collier - Ville de Calais

A spine-tingling dragon ride

Imagine the ecstatic look on your kids’ faces as they ride a 33 feet (10 metre) high sea dragon along the promenade in Calais. Expect a surge of adrenalin as this colossal and awe-inspiring beast lumbers its 72 tonnes forward and breathes flames. Here, adventure stirs emotions for all the family.

Northern France _ Calais _ Dragon © CRTC Hauts-de-France - Anne-Sophie FlamentNorthern France _ Calais _ Dragon © CRTC Hauts-de-France - Anne-Sophie Flament
©Northern France, Calais, Dragon |Hauts-de-France Tourisme / Anne-Sophie Flament

Ride a dragon

It’s true! A mythical dragon takes you and your tribe on an incredible and magical trip. After the Grand Elephant of Nantes and The Minotaur of Toulon, François Delarozière imagined a dragon roaming the promenade in Calais – a flap of the wings, a fiery gaze and the family is transported back to childhood.

The keeper of the North

Our spines tingle as the story of the dragon unfolds. It’s a tale of how a dragon – guardian of the land and seas of the north since the beginning of time – arrives from an underground world. You climb the length of the tail to the viewing platform that’s attached to the dragon’s back. Relax parents! Safety belts are provided, so it’s completely safe. It’s then time to move forward at 2½mph (4kmph), taking over the seafront, the pier, the beach cabins and the ribbon of sand that stretches to Sangatte.

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More sparks in the eyes to come

Soon, some lizards and a family of iguanas will meet the friendly dragon in Calais to sow even more dreams in the imaginations of children.



Local's tip

Avatar femmeAvatar femme
©Avatar femme


You can head to the tourist office in Calais and pick up our special year-round “Happy fiu” tourist map. A “fiu” is traditionally a boy from the north, but it’s used for girls too. Specially tailored for small kids, the map outlines a fun tour around the streets of Calais. The little ones need to answer questions at each step of the way in order to move on. Once the circuit is finished, head back to the tourist office to collect a souvenir of the town.

Caroline, Tourist Office, Calais

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