Musée Du Louvre Lens © Sanaa – Imrey Culbert – Mosbach Paysagiste– Studio GardÈre – Photo Frédéric Iovino 0184Lens _ Musée du Louvre Lens © Sanaa - Imrey Culbert - Mosbach Paysagiste - Studio Gardère - Frédéric Iovino
©Lens, Musée du Louvre Lens © Sanaa - Imrey Culbert - Mosbach Paysagiste - Studio Gardère |Sanaa - Imrey Culbert - Mosbach Paysagiste - Studio Gardère -Frédéric Iovino

Get the grandchildren into art at the Louvre-Lens

Why not take your grandchildren to the museum? It’s a great way of instilling a love of art in them, by showing them your own amazement at the masterpieces you’ll see. But how do you go about it? The trick is to be confident; that’s the advice from Marie-Lavandier, the museum’s quirky director.

Northern France _ Lens _ Louvre Lens Museum © Laurent LamaczNorthern France _ Lens _ Louvre Lens Museum © Laurent Lamacz
©Northern Franc, Lens, Louvre Lens Museum |Laurent LAMACZ

The Louvre in the mining country

Time spent with nan and gramps doesn’t always have to be about eating sweets and being spoilt. It can also be educational without losing any of the fun.

Start off by getting them to admire the magnificent Galerie du temps: 3,000 m2 and 5,000 years of art history all in one space.

Your little darlings already worship art

No need to see everything nor follow a set route: just choose one or two paintings and sculptures and get the critters talking with all manner of questions. “What do you see and feel?”, “What do you think of the people’s clothes and the materials?”. Put the focus on them: this will make them like they are playing an active part in their learning and they’ll be proud of their ability to analyse and the admiration you show them.

Also use anecdotes and other tricks to make the history lesson more light-hearted, when studying naked models or death in the form of sarcophagi, for example. Be prepared for a surprise: cause you’ll quickly learn that your dearest whippersnappers already love art! We are all born with a natural interest in shapes, volumes, colours and facial expressions… And ultimately, is art actually anything other than that?

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Ines MilletInes Millet
©Ines Millet
Roam the streets of Lens and discover the Art Deco architecture


Flâner dans les rues de Lens autour de l’art déco Lens, une ville où l’art déco est très bien représenté, de la gare au centre – ville, prenez le temps de regarder autour de vous. Profitez-en pour aller à l’Office du Tourisme un bâtiment 100% Art Déco, un petit bijou au cœur du poumon de la ville, la nouvelle vitrine de la culture !

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