Northern France_ Archery target© Pexels -Mikhail NilovNorthern France_ Archery target© Pexels -Mikhail Nilov
©Northern France, Archery target|Pexels - Mikhail Nilov

Hit the target at the Museum of Archery and Valois

Your mini Robin Hood will be buzzing with excitement at the prospect of learning archery at the Museum of Archery and Valois in Crépy-en-Valois. There are echoes of Sherwood Forest and its sheriff in the nearby forests of Ermenonville and Retz. But first take the kids to discover the magnificent Medieval castle that houses the museum – it’s a unique and historic monument in its own right. Located between Paris and Compiègne, it’s overflowing with archery collectables from around the world. In addition, it boasts a fine collection of statues from the time of the Valois, the royal house of France from 1328 and 1589.

Northern France _ Crépy-en-Valois_ Archery Museum ©Musée de l’Archerie et du Valois - OT Pays de ValoisNorthern France _ Crépy-en-Valois_ Archery Museum ©Musée de l’Archerie et du Valois - OT Pays de Valois
©Northern France, Crépy-en-Valois, Archery Museum |Musée de l’Archerie et du Valois - OT Pays De Valois

A museum like no other

The chateau itself was built in the 13th century and is a rare and original example of civil Medieval architecture. It housed lords, bailiffs and duchy staff over the years, and was used as a prison, a school and a cinema before being turned into a museum. But it’s not any old museum! It’s unique thanks to the world-renowned archery collection that will have your little archers green with envy.

The history of archery is well represented here from prehistoric days to modern times. Painted bows, arrows from Africa and Australia, and prehistoric arrowheads all form part of the collection. Room after room of this beautiful building is full of the traditions of archery, and in particular of those regiments that were especially prominent in the north of France during the Valois period.

Bowing like a true archer

Your little archers are by now becoming impatient to try the bows that are waiting in the garden for them. Finally, the highlight of the day has arrived. Under the watchful eye of local instructors, your Robin Hoods take bow and arrow in hand, aim at the soldier-shaped targets, draw and shoot!

Local's tip

Crépy-en-Valois_Elise de l'office de tourismeCrépy-en-Valois_Elise de l'office de tourisme
©Crépy-en-Valois_Elise de l'office de tourisme
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La Mer de Sable was France’s first theme park – it’s a unique place that showcases the Wild West in a natural sand backdrop. Have a true family adventure experiencing all the attractions, and horse shows, not to mention the renowned Wild West “train hijack” re-enactment. where the cowboys take on the indians. Everyone from toddlers to adults will find a cowboy boot to fit! In October, the park takes on an autumnal feel and adventurers can join in the ambiance of Día de los muertos or the Day of the Dead. Located 45 minutes north of Paris and 20 minutes from Charles de Gaulle Airport, La Mer de Sable provides a welcome change of scenery for all the family.

Elise, Crépy-en-Valois Tourist Office

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