Chantilly _Pavillon de Manse © Pavillon de ManseChantilly _Pavillon de Manse © Pavillon de Manse
©Chantilly, Pavillon de Manse |Pavillon de Manse

The Manse Pavilion: the machine behind the magic!

A great attraction for budding engineers and fans of Aristotle and his quote: “Science is about going from one surprise to another”, which it has adopted as its slogan. The Manse Pavilion is a historic jewel, a hydraulic mill that was responsible for the dramatic water display of fountains, pools, waterfalls and jets… at the Château de Chantilly. What a splash!

Northern France _ Chantilly _ Pavillon de Manse © Pavillon de ManseNorthern France _ Chantilly _ Pavillon de Manse © Pavillon de Manse
©Northern France, Chantilly, Pavillon de Manse|Pavillon de Manse

The secrets of Chantilly’s princes’ Mill

Built to house the machine that would run the Grandes Eaux water show at Chantilly, the Manse Pavilion is also called the Moulin des Princes (Princes’ Mill) and offers a family visit that is both educational and spectacular! Constructed in 1678 by the Prince of Condé, cousin of Louis XIV, “its role was to raise water from a source to fill a reservoir and supply the pools, fountains, waterfalls and water jets that adorned the gardens designed by Le Nôtre,” explains Loïse Tanguy, one of the guides. A perfect marriage of engineering and beauty!

Local's tip

Isabelle HuetIsabelle Huet
©Isabelle Huet
Ducks and kangaroos in Chantilly!


My friends are always surprised when I talk to them about the ‘Kangaroos of Chantilly’… I swear they exist! They just aren’t very well known 🙂 In fact, right at the back of the Château de Chantilly park, in what we call “the Little Park”, there is a kangaroo enclosure. It’s a less well-known part of the park: historically, it was the play park of the Duke of Bourbon, the Prince of Condé, who had games installed for his guests, including life-size snakes and ladders. One notable resident that is bound to fascinate the kids is the albino kangaroo, who was born in 2013. And if your children love animals, I recommend you bring some bread and go feed the ducks at the Comelles ponds (10 minutes from Chantilly). They’ll be many hungrily waiting for you on the Étang de la Loge, next to the Château de la Reine Blanche.

Isabelle, resident, Expert in outdoor walks around Chantilly and Senlis

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