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The PLUS, a space odyssey

“Ask for the moon, and we’ll give it to you”, that’s the motto of the Palais de l’Univers et des Sciences (PLUS) in Capelle-la-Grande, close to Dunkirk. Get comfy in the planetarium’s cosy setting and gaze at the stars as you go on an intergalactic journey of exploration and discovery. You’ll learn (almost) everything there is to know thanks to the scientific guides who will take you to the centre of the universe as you walk through the various rooms of the PLUS. With stars in their eyes, your budding astronauts will soon be dreaming of walking in Armstrong’s footsteps.

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A journey through the cosmos

You’re never too young or old to discover the biggest mysteries of the universe and life in this vast educational complex covering almost 50,000 square feet. A fascinating quest from the big bang all the way to the latest space expeditions, stopping off at the origins of life and the concept of living things, the place of mankind in the universe and a variety of other earth science topics.

Food for thought about the future of Earth

Slip on your white lab coat like a real-life researcher and touch, manipulate, listen, watch, smell and take part in all manner of interactive experiments as you traverse the cosmos.

The scientific guides will answer all your questions and give you access to the resource library. With debate raging on about the future of our planet, be sure to attend one of the many workshops, conferences or round tables.

Local's tip

Laurence BailleulLaurence Bailleul
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My top tip? Head to Dunkirk’s belfry for the best views around

58 metres off the ground, this 360° view is really impressive, and enlightening too in that it helps you to get your bearings over the town, harbour and beach ‒ each with its own distinct vibe.

Laurence Bailleul, expert on what to see and do in and around Dunkirk

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